8th World Congress

On behalf of the IJBRC Executive Committee, we thank the Keynote and Invited Speakers, Presenters of research papers, Exhibitors and Attendees for a very successful 8th World Congress in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.Plans are beginning for the 9th World Congress, location and dates to be determined.Watch the ijbrc.org website for regular updates.


Welcome to I.J.B.R.C

Welcome to the International Joints and Bearings Research Council affiliated with the American Concrete Institute.

Joints, bearings and seismic devices are important components to assure the functionality and safety, as well as the serviceability and longevity of concrete structures. The design, specification, fabrication, installation, inspection, and maintenance of joints, bearings and seismic devices require interdisciplinary and specialized skills and knowledge.

Through World Congresses and a graduate scholarship, IJBRC supports research in new development and improvement in expansion joints, bearings and seismic devices for concrete structures.